With the interior design service we look at the small details of finishes and accessories that will suit your home. These touches are essential to create a home where we exceed our clients initial design brief.

Interior finishes

All finishes are created to be a fundamental part of the design scheme, blending the best in materials and durability for both timeless and contemporary homes. Inspired by how the completed space will look and function; our practical experience and design knowledge makes selecting suitable finishes and fabrics an easy choice. We work closely with our clients to choose the essential finishes that complete a home, defining the tone and personality of the interior space.



The color scheme for each project is tailored to the client's preferences, with variations from client to client. Our approach considers factors such as room orientation, desired mood, and the specific emotions the client wishes to evoke in each space within the house. This comprehensive approach extends from selecting the right window RAL colors to harmoniously coordinating wall and skirting colors to create a cohesive and personalized interior design solution for our clients.



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Home Extension and Renovation Barna


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