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Creating Commercial Designs that are distinct, renowned, and dynamic. Our commercial designs are impressive, memorable, and promote a positive experience for customers, staff, and patrons. We design spaces for businesses that include working within established, refurbished, or new buildings. From spatial planning to completion, whether working alone or within a design team with structural engineers, mechanical engineers, etc., we adhere to all relevant regulations, including Planning and Fire Cert. guidelines outlined for each project.

We focus on the relationship between our client’s vision and their business needs, providing spatial and design solutions that are practical, original, ambitious, and promote the ethos and success of the business. We appreciate our clients’ time and allow them to decide how involved they wish to be in the project, fostering a more productive and efficient client/designer collaboration. We form creative partnerships with established artisans and specialist designers to create customized furniture, lighting, wall coverings, and joinery features that promote and emphasize the unique qualities and distinct character of the business.

We spend a significant amount of time on-site and are directly involved in all stages of the design. Our years of experience and an intuitive understanding of how spaces work enable us to design new and inviting spaces. Through thoughtfully selected furnishings, lighting, bespoke features, detailing, and finishes, the initial concept becomes a unique reality.

Commercial Interior Architecture

Good practice dictates that each design project should begin with getting the Interior Architecture correct. This means applying our skills in spatial design to create the best functioning layouts for your purpose within the building.
But that is just the initial stage, there is nothing worse than a beautiful space that does not work simply because key services like plumbing, electrical and lighting have not been designed into the building correctly.
Interior designers can only work around these problems but as Interior Architects we work to solve them at this early stage of the Project

Commercial Services Interior Designer Joinery

Commercial Interior Design

To create a space that your customers will feel comfortable in and recognize your brand from takes real attention to the small details. This is not small in any traditional definition of the word, it is attention to quality and careful consideration given to every finished item. The things that fade fastest and date first are the joinery, the quality of finishes and level of accessories. Your Brand identity lives and dies by the attention you give this aspect of your project.


Commercial Finishes

Great Finishes do not happen by accident. We have spent over 26 years nurturing our network of designers and suppliers that we know deliver every time we engage them on a project. Not only that but we have curated an extensive collection and library of these finishes that you can in one place review and work with us to create a truly unique result.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of how humans interact with their environments. It creates a set of laws and principles that if followed allows for a better flow of energy through a building and a natural sense of comfort balance and well-being. It is a very mathematical based approach to design and we have incorporated many of these principles into the work we do. If required we can provide a complete Feng Shui energy map for your project.


Online Design Service

We offer any design service we provide also online, to facilitate the project process. If physical presence isn’t always possible or necessary, we offer the option of meeting online through every step of the process. We have worked successfully online on many projects with our clients both in Ireland and overseas. We have invested in the latest technology to allow us to work with our clients remotely. Our clients can sit in the comfort of the home or office and we will walk them through the various stages of the design process tailored to each clients project. We can discuss and alter designs and details directly while getting our clients valuable input. Working online reduces travelling to meetings, cost of travelling, is environmentally friendly and allows our clients to be more efficient with their valuable time.


Our Work

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