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Welcome to Architectural Spaces

We are an experienced and creative interior architecture and interior design company, whose aim is to exceed the boundaries of design and our clients expectations. We provide and deliver design solutions for the Commercial and Residential markets.

We work on full-service design projects focusing on new builds, renovations, extensions from pre-planning to completion and various commercial projects.

In every project we take on board, we specify high quality finishes, from the first concept plans down to the final design details, making each one of them count when the overall design is complete. We pride ourselves on creating fresh, exciting, and unique spaces that reflect how we live today.

We are renowned for our professionalism, innovation, and originality when it comes to Interior Architecture and Design.

Our creative approach is to design from the inside out. We believe that great design is a layered and detailed process and starts with the optimal spatial and layout planning which follows throughout the project to electrical and lighting design, Joinery details and right down to the final selection of finishes.

Our approach to design in every project is to create a unique and individual interior tailored to our client’s needs

What We Offer

Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is particular to a building’s interior. In this respect it differs from Interior Design; being more accurately described as Architecture within the expanse of an existing building. As Interior Architects we designs building interiors, space planning and the functionality of a space taking into account building structure, building codes incorporating plumbing, electrical and lighting design. We also work and specify sustainable design options into our projects.

Interior Design

Focusing more inside the walls once the spatial planning, electrical, lighting, plumbing and main finishes are signed off our design process continues with internal interior design such as: kitchen design and finishes, bathroom design, colour palette, joinery design, lighting fixtures, fabrics, furniture and accessories etc . We offer our clients a full finished handover service from initial design layouts right through to final finishes and accessories.

online design services

We offer any design service we provide also online, to facilitate the process of projects in the and at no extra costs involved. If physical presence isn’t always possible or necessary, we offer the option of meeting online through every step of the process. We have invested in the latest technology to allow us to work with our clients remotely. Our clients can sit in the comfort of the home or office and as we walk them through the various stages of the design process tailored to each clients project. We can discuss and alter designs and details directly while getting our clients valuable input. Working online reduces traveling to meetings, cost of travelling, environmentally friendly and allows our clients to be more efficient with their valuable time.

feng shui

We have studied the traditional ancient Chinese practice going back thousands of years which allows us to add an extra layer to every project we work in. The aim of this practice is to find balance in the space that surrounds us and to optimise the energy within our clients projects to improve relationships, health and the environment our clients live and work in and their life as a whole.


We are dedicated to your project

Experienced team

Our 26 years in the business makes us reliable professionals with deep knowledge of every emerging situation. We have extensive site experience with hundreds of successfully completed projects and happy clients. We bring all of our experience and knowledge to each project and our aim to surpass our clients expectations – which we do. When we hear our clients say we have exceeded their expectations then we know our work is done.

We listen to our client

A good communication with our clients, listening to their taste, brief, requirements and way of living is a must to create the most suitable design for them. We are driven by our clients brief and aspirations and together taking on board our client wishes we commence our design work. We aim to produce designs that exceed our clients initial brief.

Tailored design

After we have gathered all the specific information from our clients our task is to deliver the best design, through creative spatial planning, lighting, electrical, plumbing design, bespoke joinery design and details through to finishes that will make our clients space unique and adapted to them and them only.

Full design package

Offering both: Interior Design and Interior Architecture services places us in a unique position where we have the creatively, professionalism  and experience to work on the design of many projects no matter what our clients brief requires. We work on full design projects: new build, renovation, extensions and various commercial projects.

We are only satisfied with perfection. We are invested in our clients projects and put ourselves in our clients shoes. Mixing our experience and knowledge we aspire to design unique interiors that our clients wouldn’t have thought while incorporating their wishes. We aim to produce finished and unique interiors and spaces that will make huge impacts on our clients everyday life and to improve the environments they work and live in.


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