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With the interior design service we look closer at the crucial details of finishes, joinery and accessories that will suit your business. These finishes are essential to bring your brand alive and to create a space where your clientele will recognise your identity.

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At Architectural Spaces we possess the specific skill set and visual instinct that is necessary to design any successful premises. We find the perfect balance between purpose and style by examining all functional and decorative components. Our creative process incorporates bespoke design with an emphasis on individuality, practicality, and customised to our clients brand.
In terms of the character of a business, joinery helps to create features that are unique and functional. The bespoke furniture we design and commission is original to every project. It is built by skilled craftspeople who fully utilize the quality and inherent beauty of their materials. We design original furniture for all areas of a premises, including bars, reception areas, offices etc. We design joinery pieces that expresses personality, functionality and style which we work with locally and national established manufacturers.

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Not everything has to be made bespoke for a client. A key asset we have built for the exclusive use of our clients is a complete library of finishes. This is extended by our handpicked network of exclusive furniture and lighting suppliers. These are all people we have worked with on numerous projects and we are confident in their ability to deliver to the highest of standards.
This saves our clients days of research and reduces their risk of selecting the wrong item and supplier. It is key to avoid costly mistakes, the old adage of “Measure Twice Cut Once” rings true so take the time to purchase the right elements the first time out.


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We offer any design service we provide also online, to facilitate the process of projects in the and at no extra costs involved. If physical presence isn’t always possible or necessary, we offer the option of meeting online through every step of the process. We have worked successfully online on many project with our clients both in Ireland and overseas. We have invested in the latest technology to allow us to work with our clients remotely. Our clients can sit in the comfort of the home or office and as we walk them through the various stages of the design process tailored to each clients project. We can discuss and alter designs and details directly while getting our clients valuable input. Working online reduces traveling to meetings, cost of travelling, environmentally friendly and allows our clients to be more efficient with their valuable time.


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