With the interior design service we look at the small details of finishes and accessories that will suit your business. These touches are essential to follow your brand guidelines and to create a space where your clientele will recognise your identity.

Commercial interior finishes

All finishes are created to be a fundamental part of the design scheme, blending the best in materials and durability for both timeless and contemporary premises. Inspired by how the completed space will look and function; our practical experience and design knowledge makes selecting suitable finishes and fabrics an easy choice. We work closely with our clients to choose the essential finishes that complete a premises, defining the tone and personality of the interior space.


Exterior finishes

First impressions are vital to set the tone of the premises and appeal to new and repeat customers. It is so important that the interior design concept is carried through to the outside, so that the continuity of design flows from the outside into the interior. From signage to branding to colour palette to texture to detail and right down to the handle the customer touches to enter the door all comes together to create the overall design from the outside to guide into customer.

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We offer any design service we provide also online, to facilitate the process of projects in the and at no extra costs involved. If physical presence isn’t always possible or necessary, we offer the option of meeting online through every step of the process. We have worked successfully online on many project with our clients both in Ireland and overseas. We have invested in the latest technology to allow us to work with our clients remotely. Our clients can sit in the comfort of the home or office and as we walk them through the various stages of the design process tailored to each clients project. We can discuss and alter designs and details directly while getting our clients valuable input. Working online reduces traveling to meetings, cost of travelling, environmentally friendly and allows our clients to be more efficient with their valuable time.


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